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Building a diverse array of businesses, ventures and investments, Sigma Diversified works at the crossroads of technology and business innovation. Our interests are in data science and advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and robotics and automation, with business applications in the education and training, healthcare, agriculture and human capital development sectors.

We are fortunate that the technologies and companies foundational for the future are being developed in our backyard. Referred to as deep tech or frontier tech, and centered on advanced technologies in which Sigma has hands-on experience as well as business insights, Sigma Diversified stands ready to accelerate the growth and development of high potential, technically sophisticated companies.  


  • Positively impact individuals, organizations and the greater-good

  • Requires advanced scientific knowledge and engineering

  • Founded, organized and operated close to the Greater Pittsburgh region

  • Deliver market and financial returns aligned with Sigma strategies and objectives

  • Can benefit from Sigma’s technical and operational resources, and business experience

Ecosystem Technology Resources

  • Software Development

  • Analytics

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Gamification

  • Robotics / Autonomy

  • Blockchain

  • Societal Computing

  • Virtual Reality

Business Resources

  • Executive management 

  • Office space and back-office facilities

  • Apprenticeship programs

    • Game Design and Production

    • Technical Infrastructure and Backbone

  • Creative Design and Production Studio


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