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Sigma Diversified, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, is building a diverse array of business ventures and investments. Our investment strategy and interests are global, but we have a specific focus in monetizing emerging technologies and businesses in the Pittsburgh region.

Sigma Diversified invests in or acquires companies and technologies that can sustain and protect a unique value proposition. Investments that fit this strategy include seed-capital, growth capital, transition / succession and secured debt. While initial investments will leverage Sigma Diversified's technical heritage and expertise, our portfolio will also include investments and initiatives in non-technical sectors.

As part of our investment strategy, Sigma Diversified will contribute technical and developmental resources, as well as business and managerial expertise, to our portfolio companies.

Sigma Diversified is an active supporter of student-run competitions involving technology development and start-up businesses.


Sigma Diversified is focused on companies that are headquartered in the Pittsburgh region, and that are differentiated by their technology.  Sigma Diversified is currently evaluating companies with a concentration in:

Data Science and Data Analytics;

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning;

Robotics and Automation; and

Workforce Development and Education

To learn more about our portfolio and focus areas, please contact us at